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National Dachshund Council – NDC

The National Dachshund Council (NDC) is an affiliate of Dogs Australia (formally Australian National Kennel Control (ANKC)).

The NDC’s primary role is to disseminate information from Dogs Australia to member clubs representing the Dachshund fraternity Australia-wide.

The secondary role is to act as an information medium between member clubs and Dogs Australia.

Member Clubs submit agenda items that are discussed first at the Club level, then a nationwide vote is taken. The business of the NDC is done in a democratic manner.

Affiliation with the ANKC permits member clubs to host National Dachshund, Speciality Shows. National Shows are a comprehensive “showcase” for our breed.

OFFICE BEARERS 2023 – 2026

President: Elke Moser

Secretary: Lisa March-Furness

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