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Puppy Enquiries

Our breeders are Registered with Dogs NSW

or another Dogs Australia state body.

The Dachshund Club of New South Wales inc. has a traditional referral system for people wanting to buy a puppy. Not all members advertise their puppies on the internet or social media. 
Given, online puppy scams have amounted to a loss of 4.2 million dollars in 2022 in Australia.  Our Puppy Coordinator has role has returned. Offering prospective puppy Buyers piece of mind that they are dealing with an ethical registered breeder and not an overseas scammer, non-compliant breeder, or puppy farmer.
Our trusted verified Dachshund Breeders notify our Puppy Coordinator – Nikki Anastas when they may have puppies available, and Nikki passes their details to prospective buyers or vice-versa.

Your trusted source for finding your perfect Dachshund puppy

At the Dachshund Club of New South Wales Inc., we recognise the significance of finding a trustworthy and ethical breeder when looking for your new long-bodied companion. That is why we have reinstated our traditional referral system that connects individuals with responsible registered breeders who meet our strict standards. These breeders are affiliated with Dogs NSW or other Dogs Australia state bodies.

By sending Nikki your enquiry below, Nikki will do her best to match you with suitable breeders that meet your requirements.

Puppy Buying Advise

We understand that purchasing a puppy can be an overwhelming process due to the multitude of options available. It is crucial to make the right choice, and that’s where our Puppy Coordinator comes in.

Our Puppy Coordinator, Nikki, volunteers for the Dachshund Club of NSW. Nikki is happy to advise you if you are dealing with a scam and guide you in ensuring that you are dealing with an ethical registered breeder who prioritises the health and well-being of their breeding Dachshunds.

Avoiding Online Scams

In recent years, online puppy scams have become a significant concern in Australia, resulting in substantial financial losses for unsuspecting buyers. We prioritise your peace of mind by offering a secure and reliable way to find your next Dachshund puppy. By working with our trusted registered breeders with Dogs NSW, you can rest assured that you are not dealing with overseas scammers, non-compliant breeders, or puppy farmers.

Connect with Trusted Breeders

Our network comprises reputable and registered breeders with Dogs NSW who are dedicated to maintaining high standards in breeding practices. By opting to collaborate with our trusted breeders, you can have confidence that your new Dachshund will originate from a caring and responsible environment.

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Dachshund Club of NSW, Puppy Coordinator