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Lets Go Walkies

Don’t miss out on the joy of walking with your dachshund! Join our vibrant community of dog lovers and connect with like-minded individuals. Find all the necessary information, including dates and times, on our Facebook group. Feel free to ask any questions you may have as well.

Join the Dachshund Club of NSW members and family and let’s go walkies!

King George Park, Rozelle – Bay Run

Let’s make it happen! We currently meet once a month for a walk and a catch-up, which is great.

Our goal is to expand our events to various locations across NSW in the future. Stay tuned for more pawsome updates!

A healthy walk for your furry friend.

Our monthly meet-ups are designed to provide a fun and active outing for dachshunds of all ages. Let your dog enjoy socializing with their fellow dachshunds while getting the exercise they need.

Meet like-minded individuals

Connect with other dachshund owners who share your love for this unique breed. Share stories, tips, and experiences while building lasting friendships within our welcoming community.

Expand your knowledge

Our meet-ups include informative chats where you can learn from experienced breeders who have years of expertise in raising and caring for dachshunds. Gain valuable insights into the breed, health, training, and more.

A trusted network of breeders

Connect with members of The Dachshund Club of NSW Inc. You can have access to a network of reputable breeders who can provide guidance and support should you decide to add another dachshund to your family.

Join us

Monthly meetups at King George Park where we do a 1 km walk along the Bay Run, 10 am start.
Sunday March 17th, 2024
Saturday April 20th or 27th, 2024
Saturday May 18th, 2024
Saturday June 15th, 2024

Get ready for a paw-some time as we embark on a healthy walk together, surrounded by the wagging tails of our adorable dachshunds of all varieties.