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Join the Dachshund Club of NSW Inc.

Becoming a member of The Dachshund Club of NSW Inc. comes with a range of benefits. As a member, you will have access to exclusive events and activities that are designed to enhance your experience as a Dachshund enthusiast. You will also receive a subscription to our informative publication, Low Down, which keeps you updated on all the latest club news and breed information.

By joining our club, you will become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for Dachshunds. You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow members, exchange tips and advice, and make lasting friendships.

Membership in The Dachshund Club of NSW Inc. is open to everyone who loves the breed, whether you own a Dachshund or simply admire them. Our club is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and ensuring the well-being of Dachshunds in our community.

So why wait? Join The Dachshund Club of NSW Inc. today and start enjoying all the benefits that membership brings. Show off your dogs, participate in exciting events, and connect with other Dachshund enthusiasts. We look forward to welcoming you into our community!

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taking membership applications via show manager


Register for your free account with Show Manager. You can also use Show Manager to enter competition events like Conformation Shows and Earth Dog Trials. The Dachshund Club of NSW also uses Show Manager to help us run fund-raising raffles.

The process is fairly intuitive but if you get lost use these steps below.

  1. Log in or Create a FREE account with Show Manager.
  2. Click ‘Find Clubs’ on the navigation sidebar.
  3. Type in the ‘Search for a Club’ search bar ‘Dachshund’, then click SEARCH🔎︎.
  4. Select the highlighted text ‘Dachshund Club of NSW Inc’
  5. Select the green button ‘CLUB MEMBERSHIP’.
  6. Select the green button ‘ADD NEW MEMBERSHIP PROFILE’
  7. Using the online form complete your application.
  8. Membership Type: Select from the dropdown list Single or Dual (Double) membership. Followed by if you would like the newsletter emailed or posted. If you are a registered breeder you can also opt to be included on our breeders directory for an additional fee.*

* Breeders who apply to the Clubs Breeders Directory must meet certain criteria and will be subject to approval by the club’s members.

For the calendar


Meetings are held 2nd Wednesday of every 2nd Month at 8 pm. Check our Facebook Group page for regular updates, changes, or cancelations.

The club meets in person and online via Zoom.

  • Wednesday 10th April 2024 @8pm (Dundas & Online)
  • Wednesday 12th June 2024 @8pm (Dundas & Online)
  • Wednesday 14th August 2024 @8pm (Dundas & Online)
  • Wednesday 9th October 2024 @8pm (Dundas & Online)
  • Wednesday 11th December 2024 @8pm (Dundas & Online)
  • Wednesday 12th February 2025 @8pm (Dundas & Online)
  • Wednesday 9th April 2025 @8pm (Dundas & Online)
  • Wednesday 11th June 2025 @8pm (Dundas & Online)
  • Wednesday 13th August 2025 @8pm (Dundas & Online)