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Thank you for your enquiry for a Dachshund Puppy.
The New South Wales Dachshund Club has a referral system for people wanting to buy a puppy. Our members rarely advertise their puppies in the news media or on the Internet. Breeders notify our Puppy Contact Person – Nikki Anastas when they have puppies available and she passes their details to prospective buyers.
We have experienced an unprecedented level of interest in recent weeks, no doubt, due to people being at home.  As a result I regret we are unable to provide the name of any reputable breeder who has puppies available at present. 
I implore you to be patient and wait for a puppy from a reputable, long standing Dachshund breeder.  At times like this ‘puppy farmers’ get word of which breeds are popular and as a result of that popularity, rather than a general interest in the future and well being and health of the breed start breeding to fill the market.
In particularly I suggest you avoid any breeder who is offering ‘rare colours’ or who is unable or unwilling to provide the pedigree of the parents. Whether the puppy is being offered as a registered puppy or not the breeder should know the pedigree. Be aware of the colour of the parents. Some colour combinations such as both parents being Dapple have inherent health risks. Some veterinarians are not offering services such as vaccinations during this lock down period. Accordingly, ensure your puppy is up to date with worming and vaccinations and you are provided with appropriate legitimate documentation to prove it.

Please take the opportunity, while you are waiting for the right puppy, to familiarise yourself with the Dachshund breed. There are some useful articles on the National Dachshund Council website, particularly in relation to health issues.  http://nationaldachshund.org.au/

A Dachshund is for life. They are very much a family dog and love to be with the family.  Be mindful of your plan for the dog once the current restrictions on movement are lifted.  It would be bewildering and frightening for a puppy who has had the company of the family all day every day to suddenly be left at home alone. This could lead to behavioural problems down the track. Take into consideration whether the puppy will have company, either a member of the family or even another pet, perhaps another dog or a cat when your family go back to work and school.
A pattern which be avoided is
  • buying a puppy, having that puppy used to company 24/7 in lock down
  • abandoning the dog when you are able to return to work
  • taking the puppy/young dog for long walks ‘to tire it out’ so it will sleep whilst you are at work
  • which, as you are walking a young dog on immature bones can lead to back problems
Having said that please feel free to complete the form below and although we will not be in touch we will keep you on file.  There will be puppies available in the months to come. Dachshunds are the most wonderful breed and will prove a friend for life. They are worth the wait.
I hope you are staying safe and these difficult days.
Kind regards
Nikki Anastas
Puppy Coordinator
Dachshund Club of NSW Inc

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