Back Scoring Rebate

Expressions of Interest are now CLOSED. Back scoring must be completed by 30th June 2022*.

Missed out? Join our cancellation list this is also open to Dogs NSW, Dogs ACT, Dogs NT, Dogs SA, or Dogs TAS Registered breeders. Join the waiting list, Click Here.

  • Why should breeders introduce back scoring into their breeding program?

    Studies have proven and breeders also acknowledge that IVDD is known to have a genetic presence. However, there is no genetic mode of inheritance yet established for IVDD in Dachshunds.

    Back scoring provides us with information ahead of time, often before we use a dog in our breeding program. Through data, we can calculate the individual and the inherited risk of IVDD in a breeder’s program.

    As a breeder, there is nothing worse than learning after 6 or 8 years you have used a sire that the sire developed IVDD. It is especially difficult if there are multiple generations involved or the sire was a very widely used stud. It can have major consequences for the breed and gene pool moving forward if all progeny were to be removed.

    Other benefits of implementing back scoring are consumer related. Breeders may breed for themselves, but the reality is 90% of Dachshund puppies bred end up in pet homes. It is an inevitable consequence of breeding that Dachshund breeders are deemed a supplier of a ‘final product’ and customers have rights that the breeder must uphold. It is expected and written in the DPI COP that breeders must use ALL resources and tools available to ensure healthy livestock (dogs in this case).

    Customers are learning about back scoring and seeking out breeders who have implemented this screening process. Although the process offers no guarantees, they are still willing to wait years in the hope that they will not have to endure a decade with a dog who suffers from IVDD related issues, as dachshunds are typically a long-lived breed.

  • Who is eligible for the back scoring rebate scheme?

    Expressions of Interest are now CLOSED. The Dachshund Club of NSW members voted that the funds allocated by DRA be evenly distributed between the breeders who expressed interest prior to the February bi-monthly meeting.

    The original proposal was a $225 rebate for Registered Breeders who hold a current Dogs NSW PREFIX, are a current Dachshund Club of NSW financial member, must have bred at least 3 litters in the last 10 years.

    Eligible Dachshunds must be entire, on the MAIN ANKC register and aged between 2 and 4 years old. Dogs born between 29th June 2017 and 30th July 2020 can be eligible and must be x-rayed & scored not before a minimum age of 2 years old and results submitted to the NDC by the closing date 30th June 2022.

    At this time we are taking expressions of interest up until January 2022, if more than 40 dachshunds are nominated exceeding the club’s funding for this scheme dogs will be randomly drawn from a lottery. It is possible that in the event that less than 20 dogs are nominated, a rebate of up to $450 may be offered.*

    We are currently taking names to form a cancellation list. We will open this up to Breeders who are in States without a Breed Club. If you are a Registered Breeder with Dogs NSW, Dogs ACT, Dogs NT, Dogs SA and Dogs TAS and you have ‘missed out’ in this scheme complete our form which will place you on our waiting list.

    Ensure that you are ready to have your Dachshunds back scored by your nominated veterinarian. As it is likely you will be given last minute notice to have your Dachshunds back score, X-Rays sent, submitted and reviewed by the Spinal Analyst which may take up to 3 weeks. Plus, you must have your results submitted to the NDC and invoice to DRA well before 30th June 2022 as funds must be paid this side of the financial year.

  • How do I back score my Dachshund??

    Breeders who are intending to breed their dachshund can enquire with their preferred Veterinary Clinic of choice to take the 5 detailed X-Rays required for back scoring, it does require foam supports and sedation (your dog must be asleep for the entire procedure). You will need to discuss the requirements with your local Veterinary Clinic and provide them with the back scoring protocol to be able to provide you a quote. Once you have obtained the DICOM X-Rays you can forward the DICOM images to the spinal analyst for scoring.

  • Vets currently providing back scoring to existing breeders

    It’s vital that the Veterinarian who is performing the X-Rays takes particular care when positioning the Dachshund for the procedure to ensure the clarity and detail is there for the spinal analysist. If the spinal analysist is not able to read the DICOM formatted images provided, then the procedure may have to be done again.

    Below is a list of Veterinary Clinics currently offering discounted back scoring for members of the Dachshund Club of NSW. The club delegates have spoken to these clinics in relation to pricing and capacity to assist breeders with the scheme. In order to keep pricing low, breeders taking their Dachshunds in for X-rays on the same day will help keep costs at this price point. By completing the Expression of Interest, voluntary members Nikki McLeod and Heather Coles can assist with this process. Breeders are welcome to discuss with their own Veterinary clinic or either of the clinic’s below.

    Clinic Providing X-Rays

    Clinic Providing X-Rays

    Dachshund Spinal Analyst

    Colyton Veterinary Hospital
    81 Great Western Highway, Oxley Park New South Wales 2760
    Phone:02 9673 1106
    Vet: Dr. Chris Papantonio BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Surgery)
    Cost: $400 per dog*
    Capacity: 5 dogs, once every 3 weeks
    Earlwood Animal Hospital
    213 Bexley Road Earlwood NSW 2206
    Phone:02 9718 5235
    Vet: Dr Todd Browning BVSc, MVetClinSt
    Cost: $430 per dog*
    Capacity: 3-4 dogs, once every 3 weeks
    Dr. Alana Rosenblatt
    Cost $50 per dog*
    2-4 week lead-time
    Tamworth Veterinary Hospital
    106 Brisbane Street, Tamworth NSW 2340
    Phone:02 6766 3988
    Vet: Dr. Greg Ireland BSc. (Hons), BVSc (Hons). Superintendent.
    Cost: $440 per dog.
    Capacity: please phone
    Avalon Veterinary Hospital
    710 Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach NSW 2107
    Phone: (02) 9918 0833
    Vet: Dr Jamie Geddes BVSc, Superintendent
    Cost: $450 per dog*
    Capacity: Please phone

    *Clinics have agreed to hold pricing until 30th June 2022. Prices may vary due to out of scope requests.